25 Ton, Baird, 325 - Rebuilt and Ready; 3" stroke New motor and lube.   Our stock number: 2959

25 Ton, Baird, 325 - Rebuilt and Ready; 3 stroke New motor and lube.

Reference: 2959

Model #3-25
Serial #31000-55

Tonnage: 25
Stroke: 3" Ram Stroke New cams
Transfer Stroke: 2"
1st Station Pull Down

New 7-1/2 HP Motor - AC inverter will be added once P.O is received and voltage is identified.
New Bijur Lube Pump- new lines and restrictors
New Air system
New upper and lower ram roll assemblies
New bottom shaft, side shaft, Back shaft and top shaft
All new bearings and gears as required.
Minster Air Clutch/brake - new reaction pin and flywheel bearings
New Baird PLC press and motor controls
This has T-Slots front and rear

Baird 2 pass feed-

Price Includes
12 - station die set, die blocks and 2" transfer cam and transfer slide ( no fingers)

Punch stripping and kickups to be priced as required.

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